These products are custom hand made, because of order processing we have around a three week turnaround (dependent on order volume).


Basic fiream rules.

#1 Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

#2 Never point a firearm at anything you do not wish to destroy.

#3 Keep your finger out of the trigger guard area until you are on the target you wish to engage.

#4 Be aware of what is beyond your target.

Concerning the use of Kydex holster.

WARNING: Read these instruction before putting a pistol in this holster.

Wolf Hollow Tactical warns all users of this product to exercise extreme caution in the
handling of all firearms. Since all firearms are potentially dangerous, they should not
be used by anyone who has not been trained in the safe handling of firearms.

Each Kydex holster is manufactured to fit a particular make and model of firearm.
Putting a firearm into a holster that was not made for that firearm could result in
accidental discharge. Refer to wolf Hollow Tactical’s recommendations and
instructions regarding whether to carry your gun in a ready-to-fire condition.


Do not use this holster until you have read these warnings.
1. Make sure your firearm is NOT loaded before test fitting it in this holster.

2. Fit the holster as you will be carrying it before placing an UNLOADED firearm
    into the holster.

3. Before loading your pistol practice placing it in the holster and drawing it from
    the holster.

4. Caution should be used that foreign objects don’t enter the trigger guard while the
    pistol is being inserted into holster or while drawing.

5. The trigger finger should not be put inside the trigger guard until your sights are
    aligned with the target you are trying to engage.

6. Do not use this holster to carry a handgun that has been modified in any way or is
    malfunctioning in any way that may cause accidental discharge.

7. Do not modify this holster in any way.

8. Do not leave the holster in direct sun light or any heat source that would affect the
    material it is made of. This may soften the Kydex and cause it to not function as
    it was intended.

9. Always check the holster for wear or damage before each use. Do not use if
    the holster is damaged or worn to a point that would make carrying a firearm unsafe.

10. This holster was not intended to be a retention device. It was made only to hold
       the specific firearm in place during moderate activity.