These products are custom hand made, because of order processing we have around a three week turnaround (dependent on order volume).


Testimonials taken from actual customer emails and Facebook reviews.



   I recently received the AIWB holster for my back up and off duty M&P. 45 Shield. I work for a large police agency in a plain clothes detective unit. 

  I want to share a story and I'll try to make it short. I don't know if you're in law enforcement or not but you don't need to be to appreciate this:
Today is my little one's 2nd bday. I was asked to come in on this holiday and do a quick buy/bust. My wife scolded me but I need the money. I decided just to have my Shield.45 with your holster and used it at the 3 o'clock position. Never used it before and I always test a holster and submit it to be approved but I was in a rush to get this mission done and get back home.  Long of the short, things went very bad. I ended up on the deck in a big ole WWE style brawl. The bad guy definitely got the better of me at 1st. When my back up rolled in, I couldn't believe my Shield and mag had stayed right at the 3 o'clock. Couldn't believe they were not dislodge when I was tackled. Not only is your rig super comfortable, in my opinion, but extremely secure. That is a fact. Can't tell you how many holsters I've used. This one will always stay with me. If that gun had been knocked loose who knows.. I plan on buying one for XD Mod 2. 45. I realize I can conceal a weapon with more rounds than the Shield. Thought you should know your holster did exactly what you intended it to do. On behalf of my family and I,  thank you. It was worth every penny."

"Bottom line, ladies and gents: The Wolf Hollow Tactical Wolf Pack AIWB is my favorite holster. Quality is top notch and it has given me zero hassles. All my other Kydex holsters from other manufacturers have fallen apart, required replacement hardware, and/or have fitment issues.

Also, Wolf Hollow Tactical is very reasonably priced and you'll have your holster in a very short time after ordering. Great company that does Kydex the right way." 

-Jake O'

"I bought 3 of these great IWB holsters for the Springfield Armory XD-9 and XD-9 subcompact that my wife and I both carry. They are so comfortable and fit the weapon great! We both absolutely love them. Will buy more for other guns we own."

-Dave  WV.


"The Wolf Hollow Tactical holster I purchased works very well. You can see that they are custom made with care. It holds my KelTec PF9 nice and snug while still being smooth on the draw. It has a nice flair on the top edge that helps with re-holstering the weapon. The part I really like is that the pants/belt clips are adjustable by about 2", so you can make it sit as high or low as you like. I would and have recommended it to friends."

-G-Tech  NY.


"I got my holster from Wolf hollow Tactical in early November and have worn it everyday since. It is exactly what I asked for because it fits me and my pistol perfectly. I will definitely Suggest Wolf Hollow Tactical to my friends and family."

-Devon  GA.


"I received my Taco holster from Wolf Hollow Tactical today and I am quite pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of this holster.

Thick, durable and quality Kydex is obviously the choice for retaining your firearms. Wolf Hollow Tactical holsters are made to the highest standards that I require.

Great job on my holster. I will certainly tell my friends about your product and be ordering more from you."

-Robert  WY.

"Are you looking for the right holster? We have worked out a deal with Wolf Hollow Tactical to get YOU the right holster at a discounted price. They make inside the waistband, outside the waistband, and trigger secure holsters. They make pistol and rifle magazine holsters. Very high quality Kydex work with high end finishes."

-Joshua, Trinity Defense Tactics


"Great work. Got my custom holster in 4 days. Highly recommended."

-William, Tenn.


"Received my Glock 42 holster on Monday and I love it! I placed order #xxxx as a surprise gift for a friend. What a GREAT product you have! Thanks,"

-Lee, GA


"Ordered an OWB made for a G23/19. It was done quickly but professionally. WHT is a great company to do business with. Won't hesitate to send business their way."

A.L., Georgia


"Fantastic service great pricing and went above and beyond normal business procedures!"



'Awesome holster like it better than my other kydex holster that cost twice as much."