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New feature added!!!

We have added the Safariland UBL mid ride belt attachment option and the Safariland QLS (quick lock system) to our holster options. We have also added the option to add a thigh strap to the UBL to make it more secure and stable.Safariland UBL

New Feature added!!!

We have added the new Ulticlip Crux Concealment System to our IWB holster options! The Crux works as a lever with the Ulticlip or other tuckable belt clip options to push the grip of the firearm in to your body to help mitigate printing. It is adjustable for height and leverage pressure.

Ulticlip Crux Concealment system, holster.


Two new Kydex prints added!!

Check out the two new infused Kydex prints, Pledge of Allegiace and Guns on Tan!!

New Kydex Wallet design is live!!

Check out our new wallet design in the Gear Locker section!!
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New Kydex pattern added!!

We have added Hexcam Spectre13 printed kydex to our kydex color options!!
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New color added, Kryptek Neptune!!

We have added the very vibrant and bold Kryptek Neptune to our Kydex color options. If you are looking to make a statement, check it out!
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New Kydex Color!! O.D. Green Carbon Fiber

We have added O.D. Green Carbon Fiber to our holster color options!!
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New products!!

We have recently added two new products to the website! Check out our new two tone holsters where you can customize your holster with subdued colors like Coyote, FDE, OD Green and Black or bold contrasting colors like Zombie Green, Neon Pink Blood Red, EMT Red, Safety Orange or Safety Yellow with Black or Black carbon Fiber. 

Also checkout our light bearing holsters. Available for weapons with the Surefire TLR-1. More light options coming soon!

We also have a giveaway at our Instagram page for a Kydex Wallet. Follow us for a chance at winning one of our Kydex wallets at: http://www.enjoygram.com/wolfhollowtactical

Priority shipping included!

Remember prices include shipping! No surprises at checkout. We ship priority mail at no additional cost! You will typically receive your order within 2-4 days after it is shipped, depending on your location. And remember our life time guarantee. If the holster fails because of material defect under normal use we will repair or replace it!
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new Pistol!!

We have just added the Springfield Armory XDM 3.8" Compact to our inventory of mold guns.