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New Feature added!!!

We have added the new Ulticlip Crux Concealment System to our IWB holster options! The Crux works as a lever with the Ulticlip or other tuckable belt clip options to push the grip of the firearm in to your body to help mitigate printing. It is adjustable for height and leverage pressure.

Ulticlip Crux Concealment system, holster.


The Ulticlip XL is here!!!

We have added the NEW Ulticlip XL to our holster belt clip options!!

Ulticlip XL is based on Ulticlip’s award winning, retention system. Ulticlip XL is the world’s first multi-tool holster clip and locking steel belt loop. No longer do you have to choose between a holster clip or belt loop; with Ulticlip XL you can have both. The locking belt loop is designed for 1.5″ belts and allows the user to carry a holster, knife sheath or accessory Inside the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside the Waist Band (OWB).


Introducing the Ulticlip!!

We now offer the Ulticlip as a belt clip option! This new belt clip option boasts 10 times the retention of regular clips and is more concealable. It has a cam that locks the clip to your pants and hides behind your belt. It can also be used with pants or shorts with no belt!! Check out their video at: https://youtu.be/wxgk9_d0rWw


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